generac vs wen generator


As someone who lives in an area experiencing frequent power outages, I know firsthand the importance of having a reliable and powerful generator. With so many options on the market, choosing the best generator can be overwhelming. In this review, I will be sharing my experiences and insights on the Generac and WEN generators to help you make an informed decision.

Overview of Generac and WEN Generators

Generac has been in the generator industry since 1959 and is known for providing robust and efficient generators that serve both residential and commercial purposes. WEN generators, on the other hand, are relatively new in the market, offering a more affordable option for people who require a generator for occasional use.

Purpose of the Review

The purpose of this review is not to declare a winner between Generac and WEN. Instead, I will provide an in-depth analysis of each brand’s features and benefits, and a side-by-side comparison to help readers make an informed decision based on their specific needs and budget.



Power Output

Generac’s generators have a higher power output range, making them suitable for both residential and commercial use. Their output ranges from 800 to 15,000 watts.

Fuel Consumption

Generac’s generators are fuel-efficient with the option of running on either natural gas or propane. This feature allows you to switch fuels to control costs and extend the operating time.

Noise Level

Generac’s generators are designed to produce minimal noise, making them ideal for residential areas. Some of their models have noise levels as low as 59 decibels.

Starting System

Generac’s generators have an electric start feature that makes them easy to start, even in cold weather conditions.



Generac’s generators are built with high-quality materials that stand up to harsh weather conditions, prolonging their lifespan.


Generac’s generators are known for their reliability in providing backup power during outages or events. They come with features that ensure a seamless transfer of power when the main power source goes out.


Generac’s generators are designed with safety in mind. They have features such as automatic shutdown when the oil level is low, which prevents engine damage.


Generac offers a solid warranty for their generators. Their residential models come with a 3-year limited warranty, which covers parts and labor.

WEN Generator


Power Output

WEN generators’ power output ranges from 1,800 to 13,000 watts, making them suitable for occasional use.

Fuel Consumption

WEN generators are fuel-efficient, with the option of running on either gasoline or propane.

Noise Level

WEN generators produce some noise during operation, but their models have noise levels as low as 61 decibels.

Starting System

WEN generators have a user-friendly starting system, making them easy to use, even for beginners.



WEN generators are a more affordable option than Generac’s models, making them ideal for people on a budget.


WEN generators are lightweight and compact, making them easy to carry and store.


WEN generators come with wheels and handles, making them easy to move around, even on uneven surfaces.


WEN offers a 2-year warranty for their generators, which covers parts and labor.


Side-by-Side Comparison

Features Generac WEN
Power Output 800-15,000 watts 1,800-13,000 watts
Fuel Consumption Runs on both natural gas and propane Runs on gasoline and propane
Noise Level As low as 59 decibels As low as 61 decibels
Starting System Electric start User-friendly starting system
Durability High-quality materials withstand harsh weather conditions N/A
Reliability Seamless transfer of power during outages N/A
Safety Automatic shutdown function when oil levels are low N/A
Warranty 3-year limited warranty (residential) 2-year warranty


Generac generators are ideal for people who require a more powerful and reliable generator for residential or commercial use. However, if you require a generator for occasional use, WEN generators are a more affordable option that still offer quality features.


Recap of Generac vs. WEN

Both Generac and WEN are reliable and efficient generators that offer different features and benefits for different needs and budgets. Generac is more powerful and reliable, while WEN is more affordable and portable.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to choosing the right generator, it’s essential to consider your needs, budget, and the features that matter most to you. Whether you choose Generac or WEN, both brands offer high-quality generators that provide dependable backup power when you need it most.

List of 10 generac vs wen generator

Bestseller No. 1
Generac 8250 GP2500i 2,500-Watt Gas-Powered Portable Generator, CARB Compliant
  • 50 State Configuration/CSA
  • Compact and Lightweight
  • Makes transportation easy with built-in handle
  • Automatically adjusts engine speeds to save fuel and reduce sound emissions
  • Alert you when unit is low on oil, overloaded or ready-to-use
Bestseller No. 2
Generac Full Synthetic Motor Oil 5W-30 SP Quart Bottle Part# 0J5140 (qt) 2-Pack
  • Generac SYNTHETIC OEM Oil (2 Quarts)
  • Oil absorbent pad to prevent spilling on floors and other surfaces
  • Oil Funnel - Great for adding oil, or using when draining oil
Bestseller No. 3
Generac 0J93220SSM Maintenance Kit w/ 5W-30 Synthetic Oil
  • Genuine OEM Generac products
  • Keep your generator running at optimum performance
  • Kit contains: (2) Quarts - 5W-30 Synthetic Oil, (1) Oil Filter, (1) Air Filter, (2) Spark Plug, (1) Funnel, (1) Chamois,(1) Preventative Maintenance Reminder Sticker
  • Works with model: 0062400
  • Please note: Consult owner's manual for proper part number identification and proper installation
SaleBestseller No. 4
CRAFTSMAN C0010250 2,500-Watt Gas Portable Generator 50-State/CARB Compliant, Powered by Generac
  • Built In Handle – Allows you to carry the generator with one hand for easy mobility
  • Easy Start – Start Stop Choke dial makes starting the generator quick and easy
  • Steady Power – Inverter technology produces safe, clean power, ideal for sensitive electronics and tools
  • Ultra Quiet Design – With fully enclosed case
  • Automatic RPM Control – Adjusts engine speed, reducing consumption and sound levels
SaleBestseller No. 5
Generac 7101 Battery Heater Pad for 9kW - 22kW Air Cooled Standby Generators , Orange
  • Designed to work effectively
  • Package length :10.0"
  • Package width :6.0"
  • Package height :3.0"
Bestseller No. 6
Generac 7043 22kW Air Cooled Guardian Series Home Standby Generator with, 200-Amp Transfer Switch
  • Up to whole house protection with the 200 Amp, NEMA 3R (aluminum outdoor enclosure) smart switch
  • Smart, User-friendly controls; Generac evolution controller features a multilingual LCD display that allows you to Monitor Battery status and track maintenance intervals to ensure your generator is always in top operating condition
  • 240 volts supply
  • Receive real time status updates
Bestseller No. 7
Generac - SWITCH:OIL PRES 1/4NPTF N.C. - 0G68200SRV
  • Replaces 0G6820
  • Replaces 0G68200SRV
  • Replaces 0C30250SRV
  • Replaces 0L2917C
  • Comes with 1 oil pressure switch and 2 ring replacement terminals
SaleBestseller No. 8
Generac G086729 Contactor Starter Solenoid
  • Genuine OEM Generac part
  • Replace old part number 086729
  • Fits Generac portable generators, including specific 0053480 and 0056050 models
  • Please note: Does not fit all specs of above models listed, please consult owner's manual for proper part number identification and proper installation
Bestseller No. 9
Generac 7118 Parallel Kit for GP2200i and GP2500i Inverter Generator
  • Double your power – connect two inverters together for 2 times the power, up to 3,230 running watts and 4,400 starting watts
  • Connect your loads to the kit's L5-30R twist lock or TT-30R (RV) receptacles
  • Easy access storage compartment in the back keeps power cables safe when not in use
  • Rated 120 VAC amperage is 28.2 when paralleled
Bestseller No. 10
Generac 70422 Home Standby Generator Guardian Series 22/19.5kW Air-Cooled with Wi-Fi, Aluminum
  • 5-Year limited Warranty for automatic standby generators.
  • True power technology delivers best-in-class power quality with less than 5 percent total harmonic distortion for clean, Smooth operation of sensitive electronics and appliances.
  • General G-force engines are purpose-built, pressure-lubricated engine capable of handling the rigors of generator use, resulting in power that’s more reliable and requires less routine maintenance than any competitive engine.
  • Transfer Switch Not Included

People also ask

What is a Generac generator?

Generac generators are power backup solutions designed for homes and commercial facilities. They are built to provide a reliable source of power in case of a power outage or emergency situation.

What is a Wen generator?

Wen generators are also backup power solutions designed for homes, RVs, and outdoor activities. They come in different sizes and power ratings to suit different needs.

What are the differences between Generac and Wen generators?

The main differences between Generac and Wen generators are the price, power output, and features. Generac generators are generally more expensive but offer higher power output and more features such as remote monitoring and automatic startup. Wen generators are more affordable and suitable for basic backup power needs or outdoor activities.

Which type of generator is better: Generac or Wen?

There is no clear winner in the Generac vs Wen generator debate since this depends on your individual needs. If you need a high-powered generator with more features, Generac is the way to go. If you want a more affordable backup power solution that is easy to transport, Wen is a good option.

How do I choose between Generac and Wen generators?

When choosing between Generac and Wen generators, consider your power needs, budget, and expected usage. If you need a generator for your home, a Generac generator may be a better option. If you need a generator for outdoor activities or as a backup power source for your RV, a Wen generator may be a good choice. Do your research and compare different models to find the best generator for your needs.